How to Tie a Wrap Dress

Our wrap dresses feature a hole or slit on one side, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit that highlights your best features. Embrace your unique style and tie them up with confidence. Our dresses are crafted to make you feel stunning and comfortable, so you can look your best and feel amazing.

  1. Put on the wrap dress and hold the two ends of the fabric together at your waist.
  2. Look for the hole or slit on the left side of the dress, typically located near the waist.
  3. Take the dress's tie and wrap it across your body, pulling it snugly around your waist.
  4. Thread the tie through the hole or slit from the inside of the dress to the outside.
  5. Pull the tie all the way through until it's fully extended.
  6. Wrap the tie around your waist and bring it back to the front.
  7. Cross the tie over the front of your body and wrap it around the back.
  8. Finally, tie the tie into a knot or bow to secure it in place.

By following this simple method, you can elevate your wrap dress game and achieve a secure and flattering fit that will leave you feeling confident and comfortable all day long. Remember to adjust the dress and tie as needed to achieve the perfect look for you.